Prof. Dr. Jacobus Gideon (Kobus) Maree

University  of Pretoria 

Keynote 1: Rekindling people’s sense of hope and purpose during the COVID-19 pandemic: The power of group (self- and) career construction counselling

Saturday, May 15th, 11:00 AM (Local Time: Istanbul / EU)

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Prof.  Kobus  Maree  (DEd  (Career  Counselling);  PhD  (Learning  Facilitation  in  Mathematics);  DPhil (Psychology))  is  a  full  Professor  in  the  Department  of  Educational  Psychology  at  the  University  of Pretoria. His main research interests are career construction (counselling), life design (counselling), emotional‐social  intelligence  and  social  responsibility,  and  learning  facilitation  in  mathematics.  He links research results to appropriate career choices and to life designing.

Prof. Maree has authored or co‐authored 100 +  peer‐reviewed articles and 55 books/ book chapters on career counselling, research and related topics since 2009. In the same period, he supervised 30 doctoral theses and Master’s dissertations and read keynote papers at 20 +  international and at 20 + national conferences.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arumugam Raman

Universiti Utara Malaysia 

Keynote 2: The challenges of remote learning during COVID-19 pandemic

Assoc. Prof. Raman is a faculty member at the School of Education, Universiti Utara Malaysia. His research interests include Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Computers in Education, Educational Research Methodology, Technology and ICT, Statistics for Educational Research and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). He has engaged in many research projects and has received a total of five grants from the university, national (FRGS, RAGS) and college (Leads). He is better known as an Educational Technologist and he is currently teaching ICT in Education, Research Methods and Statistics in Education. Besides, he has written international articles and books which have been published at national as well as international levels. Furthermore, he is also a member of professional bodies namely, International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Internet Society (ISOC) and Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia.

Sunday, May 16th, 17:00  (Local Time: Istanbul / EU)

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Prof. Dr. Wee Tiong Seah

University of Melbourne

Keynote 3: No return to normal: School education after the pandemic

Wee Tiong Seah is a Professor of Mathematics in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Before embarking on a career as an academic, Wee Tiong has had extensive professional experience in mathematics teaching and pastoral care across a range of school settings in Singapore and Australia. Wee Tiong’s research and professional interests focus on sociocultural, conative and affective aspects of learning, which all complement and support psychological understanding of the individual learner. Attributes of interest include values and mindsets of students, teachers, parents, etc as they relate to mathematics pedagogy. He currently coordinates a multinational research team in a series of research studies relating to the harnessing of values to promote more effective teaching and learning of mathematics in schools. These activities are all part of the Third Wave research project which Wee Tiong set up in 2008.

Wee Tiong was an invited speaker to some 800 principals and school leaders at last year’s Victoria’s Regional Leadership Conference in Australia. He was also one of 4 plenary panelists at last year’s Psychology in Mathematics Education conference held in Sweden. Wee Tiong conducts collaborative research and consultancy activities in no less than 8 countries across Australia and Asia.

Sunday, May 16th, 13:00 (Local Time: Istanbul / EU)

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Assoc. Prof. Jones Irwin

University College Dublin

Keynote 4: Developing an Existential Education in Response to the Pandemic

Jones Irwin is Associate Professor in Philosophy and Education at the Institute of Education, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. From 2014 until September 2019, he was seconded as Project Officer with National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) on the multi-denominational curriculum in Community National Schools, the first state curriculum in values in Ireland. He has previously lectured at University of Warwick, UK, and Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick and has been Visiting Lecturer at several universities including the University of Warwick (2010/2013), Ljubljana, Slovenia (2010), Linköping, Sweden (2010/2013) and University of Catania, Sicily (2018/19).
His research and teaching interests are currently in the areas of Philosophy of Education, Multi-Denominational Ethos, Values Education, Aesthetics and Early Years Education.  He has published three main books to date, including the first text to explore Paulo Freire’s educational philosophy in toto. He has two edited books forthcoming, one on Freire’s Pedagogy in Italy and another on Ethical Education.

Saturday, May 15th, 20:30 AM (Local Time: Istanbul / EU)

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